Saturday, 13 June 2015

More grey

There are never enough shades of grey in anything! Starting design work on a new piece based around grey and struggling to find enough shades to colour the base design in so had to resort to watercolour where there is only 1 so I have to keep adjusting the shade grrr. This issue is going to repeat it's self when it comes to stitching but at least I have a box of grey
threads - even if there is only about 7 shades to choose from.
Blew the dust off the Arctic Monkey's cds had forgotten how much I enjoy them.
Progress has been nil on projects shown in last entry really should not be starting something new but is for the Regional Exhibition and the deadline is coming up.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Not much to report

Hmm once again weeks have past and I have achieved very little, this really is very poor. The class with Alison Snepp went well, post class progress is a tad slow as I am unsure about one thread stitch combination and due to copyright form signed am unable to post pictures of progress.
The guild Jacobean project continues to grow and I am loving stitching it - a good thing as I may own a large chart and the fabric thread to complete it....
Have dragged an old project out and have been working on it and am pleased with progress. The penny mat kit was purchased years ago at a craft show and got put in the naughty corner when I discovered some if the circles were not centered perfectly when I stitched them together but I have decided to get over it and continue - this lax attitude has surprised and concerned me but an sure it won't become a permanent setting.
Am going to start a new project - naughty- as it arrived today and it is to be a gift for a special friend. The rabbit will get surfaced stitched and then made into a pillow am excited about this but no doubt will end up crippled with decisions about colours and stitches so progress may be slow!  T towel is from great service and came beautifully packaged!