Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Not in the top 10???

Just read a list of the top 10 places to see the new year in and my sisters house was not on it... we think you can't beat our evening - bubbles, chips and dip and 3 Twilight videos yes we are pure class. Hope to do some stitching....

Numbers are down this year due to friends being in cooler places than us (literally) Diane/Stephanie have a good one!

New years resolution is to be more like Amy  (thread in hand blog) won't manage it but one can live in hope.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Guest Artist

Traveled to Hamilton today for the opening of the Extensions group exhibition called Progression as I am the invited artist. As it is a good sized gallery at Arts Post I have been lucky to get a gallery just for my 17 pieces  - was amazing to see them hung together and pretty much in the order I stitched them.

Friday, 9 October 2015

More detail

Decided to do an updated of some stitching close ups I have encountered that the trip readers may not like.  At the V and A I had a fail when I did not get far beyond Medieval and Renaissance as I came across fantastic pieces of opus Anglican  and bang 1/2 an hour was gone.

Excuse the sometimes dodgy pic but no flash and glass can be challenging.

Monday, 20 July 2015


Yesterday while in town Mum found me a bargain in the Salvation Army store - a kilt for $5! I had a kilt when I was a child that I loved it was cream red and tan and I used to wear all winter so was very excited when Mum bought this one home. She purchased it for me to take away on the up coming Embroidered Casket tour as while in Scotland we have a traditional dinner and are encouraged to dress up. So today the kilt got a wash and a hose down to rinse and will hopefully dry.
I spent sometime - yes I have too much spare time - looking to identify the tartan and I think it is the Douglas Weathered.
Once it is dry will do some alterations is a tad large at present and it needs a frayed edge on the apron and then I can relive my childhood....
Progress on stitching has been poor no surprises there but I do need to pull finger and make some head way as deadlines are approaching.
The Grey based piece for regional exhibition is sorted finally so hope to start the stitching on that soon.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

More grey

There are never enough shades of grey in anything! Starting design work on a new piece based around grey and struggling to find enough shades to colour the base design in so had to resort to watercolour where there is only 1 so I have to keep adjusting the shade grrr. This issue is going to repeat it's self when it comes to stitching but at least I have a box of grey
threads - even if there is only about 7 shades to choose from.
Blew the dust off the Arctic Monkey's cds had forgotten how much I enjoy them.
Progress has been nil on projects shown in last entry really should not be starting something new but is for the Regional Exhibition and the deadline is coming up.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Not much to report

Hmm once again weeks have past and I have achieved very little, this really is very poor. The class with Alison Snepp went well, post class progress is a tad slow as I am unsure about one thread stitch combination and due to copyright form signed am unable to post pictures of progress.
The guild Jacobean project continues to grow and I am loving stitching it - a good thing as I may own a large chart and the fabric thread to complete it....
Have dragged an old project out and have been working on it and am pleased with progress. The penny mat kit was purchased years ago at a craft show and got put in the naughty corner when I discovered some if the circles were not centered perfectly when I stitched them together but I have decided to get over it and continue - this lax attitude has surprised and concerned me but an sure it won't become a permanent setting.
Am going to start a new project - naughty- as it arrived today and it is to be a gift for a special friend. The rabbit will get surfaced stitched and then made into a pillow am excited about this but no doubt will end up crippled with decisions about colours and stitches so progress may be slow!  T towel is from great service and came beautifully packaged!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Counting issues

I have decided if you ever want to lower your self esteem put the tacking in for an embroidery project. Have just completed the tacking for an upcoming workshop with Alison Snepp on Tharcian Embroidery and found I am unable to consistently count 4 threads - how depressing! One line had to be done 3 times eck. But it is completed now, just have to chose some colours and get the crease lines out of the linen - it has been in the stash for a while. This weekend I am off to Auckland to see Mötley Crue and Alice Cooper in concert will be fun to pretend I am 17 again! Also looking forward to checking out Ribbon Rose as I gave not been to their new premises.