Monday, 20 July 2015


Yesterday while in town Mum found me a bargain in the Salvation Army store - a kilt for $5! I had a kilt when I was a child that I loved it was cream red and tan and I used to wear all winter so was very excited when Mum bought this one home. She purchased it for me to take away on the up coming Embroidered Casket tour as while in Scotland we have a traditional dinner and are encouraged to dress up. So today the kilt got a wash and a hose down to rinse and will hopefully dry.
I spent sometime - yes I have too much spare time - looking to identify the tartan and I think it is the Douglas Weathered.
Once it is dry will do some alterations is a tad large at present and it needs a frayed edge on the apron and then I can relive my childhood....
Progress on stitching has been poor no surprises there but I do need to pull finger and make some head way as deadlines are approaching.
The Grey based piece for regional exhibition is sorted finally so hope to start the stitching on that soon.

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