Saturday, 10 January 2015

New Project takes a bad turn....

I so needed to start a new project - not- but oh well did it anyway! As a reader of Tracy A Franklin's blog I was enjoying watching her Crathorne bug project evolve so decided before she got too far along I had better get it started.  Things were going along well new techniques were being tried and enjoyed and catching up was in sight till yesterday when the next step was shown and it involves seed stitch. A horror stitch to me as it involves that terrible word RANDOM. I do not cope well with random so even though I am viewing this piece as a learning piece - there are some slightly dodgee  stitched pieces I think a wee practice will be in order before I can begin the next phase. But I do recommend checking out Tracy's blog and also stitching the piece it is a lot of fun...

Progress so far.


  1. Be Brave you can conquer seed stitch.

    1. Hmmm I feel a touch of procrastination coming on....