Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day 20

Am I on a roll with this or what!!! Have finally managed to get in the swing of stitching AND blogging on the same day!!! Stuck with yellow today - don't like stitching with yellow - and once again made good progress but there are still some very ugly stitches to be seen.

Day 20

Check out that ugly stitch in the top section of the 'white' eckkkk.
Still loving Royal Blood so will continue with that as soundtrack. Think it is time to get on with some other stitching projects so will keep updated with those, today I off to sew a quilt top in William Morris fabrics that I purchased in 2012 before the London trip so high time I started it me thinks.
Quilt progress

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  1. carpet is a good match for the quilt pieces dont you think. nice toes.